Safety first. Health check on us!

Cars want a clean bill of health too you know! Keeping on top of your car’s maintenance ensures you’re always safe whilst on the road, and that your car’s in good nick. We want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to your car, therefore instead of just telling you what needs some attention… we want to show you as well. That’s why at Car Store, we offer our customers a FREE video vehicle health check to give you that all important peace of mind.

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Our expert technicians will inspect your car thoroughly and whilst on our workshop ramps, video any details they need to make you aware of. Each area on this report will be rated red, amber or green along with any recommendations and a status of urgency for the potential work. 

Fab news. No work is required on your vehicle at this point. You're road trip ready!

Amber: Something has flagged-up on the report but the area of concern is OK for now. However, work is advised in the near future… or we can sort it there and then for you.

Red: Immediate care is required for your safety and/or because the area of concern is past the legal limit. We recommend you take action right away whilst your vehicle is with us.

So, after you’ve received your video vehicle health check, our Aftercare Specialists will talk through it with you and make recommendations according to the findings. You are not obliged to have any work done and most importantly we promise you won’t be pushed into any unwanted spend. What’s more we can maybe help break down the cost of any repair bills into interest free monthly payments.

Simply book in 
and we'll give it the once over whilst you grab a coffee in our relaxing lounge and kick-back in-store. Easy right?

We understand that sometimes you have places to be. Leave your car with us and pick it up at a time that’s convenient to you and we will send you over the video in the meantime. The best bit is that at a click of a button you can authorise all or any of the work that has been advised before coming back in to pick it up!

Vehicle Health Check

What's included in the health check?

Well we’ve pretty much got your entire car covered! All vital areas of your car will be checked over by our expert technicians.


What we check:








Fluid Level