Lifetime protection for your car.

On the outside, GardX is a protective coating between your car's paintwork and the world, shielding it from dirty water, dirt, dust and debris, ensuring that wash after wash, your car maintains a spectacular high-gloss showroom finish. 

Inside your car, the GardX coating on your seats and carpets means that liquids and stains are resisted and prevented, keeping your car's interior clean and protected for years to come. 


GardX Protection – including interior fabric


GardX Protection – including interior fabric & leather care


Contact your nearest dealership to find out more about getting GardX applied to your car.


GardX Protection Key Benefits

  • Maintains a high-gloss showroom finish, wash after wash

  • Guards your paintwork and interior

  • Protects the future resale value of your vehicle

  • Enhances safety and visibility in wet driving conditions

  • Lifetime guarantee for paint, leather and fabrics (administration fee applies to transfer lifetime guarantee)
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Exterior Protection

Over time, your car's paintwork attract all manner of environmental pollutants, including dirt and from the road, UV rays from the sun, acid rain, tree sap and bugs or insect fluids. These work against your car's shiny paint finish and over time cause oxidation and fading. 

The GardX paint protection system permanently etches an invisible layer of durable sealant into the surface of the paintwork, protecting against pollutants and leaving a smooth, high-gloss finish. 

Stage 1: A preseal formulation that penetrates into the molecules of the paintwork preparing it for sealing with Stage 2.

Stage 2: Permanently bonds to Stage 1, creating a high gloss protective coating over the paintwork.

Interior Protection

Included in all our GardX packages is Stain Guard, which is a hi-tech formulation that coats your car's seat fabrics and carpets with an invisible barrier. 

This barrier protects against liquid spills (including your morning coffee!), dirt, grease, oil and grime. Spillages either pass through the weave without staining or bead on top of the surface ready to be removed by a clean cloth of vacuum. 

Leather Guard helps to protect leather seats against stains, dirt and liquid spills, as well as moisturising the leather to retain its supple, like-new look and feel. Leather Guard is available at additional cost.
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