best cars for motoway driving

Best cars for motorway driving

Want to take the bother out of those long miles on the motorway?

Driving long hours isn't for everyone but having a car that ticks all the boxes for the big journeys certainly helps.

High up on the priority list for regular drivers is fuel economy. As you’re racking up the miles, you’ll need a vehicle that is going to give you more for your money. So, choosing a vehicle with good fuel economy is one of the most important factors when buying a car that will spend most of its time on the motorway.

You also need to feel relaxed when driving, so choosing a comfortable car will keep you at ease when behind the wheel. Apart from seat comfort, you may also want to take other factors into consideration, such as the ability to be able to fully adjust your seat to a position that suits you.

Features such as cruise control can also make those long-distance journeys easier. The feature helps to stop inconsistencies in driving, as it will aim to keep your speed at a maintained level. This helps with reducing fuel consumption as you won’t waste fuel regularly accelerating and slowing down. You also need to be on the lookout for good phone connectivity; if you’re spending a long time on the road your car will basically become your office and you won’t want to be missing any calls.

So, now you’re in the know about what to look out for when buying a car that’s going to be used for racking up those motorway miles. Now is your chance to explore our list of top 10 vehicles we have put together for you - it's time to get comfortable!

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